Bridge Safety Netting
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Pucuda - Leading Edge

Industry Leader in Safety & Netting Systems For Over 25 Years

Innovation - Leading Edge provides the most innovative netting products with an emphasis on quality, durability and value. We are proud to provide the leading edge of technology and products. We assure a selection process that is easy and enjoyable. We hope you find this, the industry's only technical source book, enjoyable and a valuable reference source.

Mission - The company was founded on providing the best quality netting products and services, and this continues to be its mission. We stand for only top quality netting products, with attention to detail, and providing the best netting products that fit your specific needs.

Integrity - If you don't have integrity, you don't work at Leading Edge. I don't say this lightly, we only want to be associated with the best netting products, service, and people. Thus, our ability to produce the top quality faster, and tailored to your needs.

Valued - Your satisfaction is our goal and vital to our success. We appreciate your comments, criticism, complaints, or even compliments. Please call my office directly at 1-800-241-7330. I look forward to assuring that your needs are met.

Technical Advancement - We are proud to be the leader in new product development. If you haven't seen our catalog in the past, or haven't kept abreast of our developments, I'm sure you will find the contents of this technical source book full of enlightening information.

Yes We Can! - We approach products, needs, and service, not from the perspective of "You can't get there from here" but matching the best netting products, methods of manufacture, and installation. Yes, we do have an advantage of holding a very extensive Patent portfolio. This combined with our extensive netting line and know-how makes you the winner!

Extensive Product Line - You will see that we have included information on the Pucuda line. We found from past experience that offering netting colors, textures, and product function is of benefit to the safety of customers. You may see something in the Amusement section to fill your specific needs.

Complacency, Status Quo & Indifference - Stops Here!