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Masks for Schools Initiative Started

We’ve been talking quite a lot about making reusable, highly effective masks available for the public to help contain the spread of coronavirus and eventually end this pandemic. Our Masks For Citizens division has so far delivered thousands of our adjustable and reusable cotton facemasks to the public for a low cost while at the same time donated thousands to organizations that most need them; nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, first responders and churches.

Announcing Masks For Schools

We have realized for some time that the coronavirus pandemic will linger for months if not longer and that our kids and teachers need comfortable and effective face coverings to prevent the spread of this dangerous respiratory illness. So, since cloth masks are proven to help prevent the spread of illness, why not make washable masks that kids will actually want to wear? Well, we’ve done just that.

Now with Masks For Schools, you can order convenient 5-packs of customizable and adjustable masks complete with safe, nontoxic colored markers for kids to customize and create their own unique mask art.

To provide you with some background info for why we’re doing this, we suggest that you read our latest post on our masks division website. Click this link or visit and click the article headline.

Additionally, we produced this video to demonstrate how fun it can be for kids to make masks their own. Please have a look…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Rexroad at 800-241-7330.

What Does “Made in America” Really Mean?

Made in America are words that matter to me and I’m a stickler for words and their meaning. Maybe it’s many decades of writing safety standards that make me incredibly careful about how I use words, so that they are correctly used. When writing standards, if you want to leave no question as to clarity of how an item or section applies you use the word “shall.” That means it is applied across the board, it’s a requirement, no question. It’s not a suggestion it’s a firm requirement. If you want to be suggestive, use the word “should” as a strong recommendation.

Serve the Public Need for Masks

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of companies out trying to make a quick profit. Not that profit is a bad word, but profits need to carry some responsibility at the same time. I started, not as a profit center but to address many societal needs. The need to cover payroll, which gives employees and their families stability and basic human needs during these trying times filled with uncertainty. I felt it important to be there for others who were struggling with simple challenges like food and shelter.

When we say “Made in America” we mean it’s actually manufactured in America. I purchase American products and support other American companies, their workers and their families.

We could have bought imported masks and resold them. Seeing prices advertised, and knowing production costs, it’s been extremely profitable for many companies. But what does that do for humanity and for America? The answer is that it sadly does the opposite of our mission at Pucuda Leading Edge. To us, America means a country that offers opportunities for each generation to improve the lives of many.

Holding to Our Values

Many faced troubles, but look at what they created; businesses, strong families and opportunities for an even brighter future for the next generation. I look at my family, where a mother and father worked hard all of their lives to provide a safe and loving home. Through a measure of success, their accomplishments provided a better future for their children and grandchildren.

My father thought me basic values and principles. He set examples by how he lived and how he did things. My wife and I did the same with my daughter. For example, my daughter Sarah and I went to a movie every weekend starting in 6th grade, and it continued through high school. It was a time when we talked and shared one on one. Some weekends we would do what we called a double feature. I always bought tickets for both movies. Some may find it acceptable to buy tickets for one movie then jump over to another. Maybe it’s just taken for granted. But what lesson does that send? My lesson is teaching that I “shall” be honest not “should” be honest. In my view of honesty, seeing a movie without paying is stealing from the theater, the actors the producers, etc.

Truth Uses Plain Language

I have been seeing TV commercials where Made in America is implied, but not factually stated. For example, there’s one where they criticize masks from China. They never say Made in America, just “not from China.” They also say, “shipped from our United States facility.” In my world of words, the only reason for not being direct is to be intentionally misleading. Another word for misleading, as I have always thought, was “lying.” When I’m writing things trying to explain a product or service, I have my wife read it to get her comments. She often tells me she does not understand what I’m trying to say. I then explain it in simple terms. She always says, “then just say that!” Okay, our masks are made in America, period. That’s so easy because it’s true.

The Value of a Quality Reusable Mask

Like I’ve said before, profits are a good and necessary thing for businesses to keep growing, employing and serving people. Unfortunately, there are some companies that will do practically anything for excessive profits. When I see 10 disposable masks being sold for $19.95 plus shipping and handling, I see someone taking advantage of a public health situation, or perhaps it’s just plain greed, who knows? Maybe $2.00 a mask for a $0.50 disposable mask is acceptable but it’s a quick buck made from the critical needs of others at their expense.

I also look at disposable masks and ask, why? Why would anyone spend real money on something that by all experts’ warnings is only good for a day or less. Taking that $19.95 example in the average month, you’re spending $60.00 per person to be safe and keep others around you safe. With our 100% cotton, 3-ply washable masks, you keep others around you safe for around $7.00, for up to several months or more!

I could never betray the teachings of my father or those that my wife and I passed down to our daughter. The simple lesson for us is this: Do as you say that you shall, and act as you teach that one should. If you’re going to imply that a product is “Made in America,” then just make it in America and you won’t need to use misleading language.

All of our manufacturing is done in Madison, Connecticut and you can learn more about our innovative approach to advanced netting technology and manufacturing.

Beyond Retooling to Provide Needed Masks for the Public

By John Rexroad

Retooling is nothing new at Pucuda Leading Edge. We are constantly reinventing things for an improved future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we just naturally shifted gears to address this challenge and be part of the solution.

It’s important to understand how I view our role in industry and society. Worker and public safety have always been paramount for me and my company. We focus on it through an ongoing commitment to developing the most advanced and innovative safety netting as well as engineering solutions.

Early on in the pandemic, because of my work with ASTM International and safety, which is meeting a variety of needs, it was clear to me that masks for the public were going to be a necessity. Decades of experience protecting the public and providing passive safety systems made me realize that masks for the public and businesses would be vital and necessary.

I used my resources to gather information at many levels and tied with engineering know-how and common sense, started a mission that’s gone beyond retooling. To my thinking, simply “retooling” in a pandemic is changing something that exists through modification, but that was not going to meet the need and demand I saw and still know is out there.

Other Curves to Flatten

When you hear “flattening the curve” they talk about reducing pressure on hospitals and the healthcare system. I think of “flattening the curve” in a much broader way. There are many other factors which need flattening which include:

  1. The drain on masks being diverted from hospitals and first responders because the public is buying them.
  2. The cost associated with that supply which rises due to the public being willing to pay a higher price, and the greater demand for supply.
  3. The public and businesses needing to be prepared for a reopening of communities, states and a nation.
  4. Being prepared by having a washable mask that lasts longer than a day or hours.
  5. The unhealthy conditions being created by reusing a mask intended for disposable single-use.
  6. The vertically increasing line of damage to the environment caused by disposable masks.
  7. A scalable supply of mask manufacturing in the United States.
  8. Information made available that is not slanted to sell a product or push an agenda.
  9. Long-lasting masks that a family can afford when finances are stretched.
  10. Helping those in need with a donation system in place for donating masks.

That is the retooling and beyond this is really all about. We built a new business model and launched Masks For Citizens with its own website This endeavor was a lot more extensive than simply moving, modifying, or just using a part of our resources. It involved tying all of the parts together. Question one was, can I do a scalable method of manufacturing, and from what materials, etc.? How do I make it available to the public and business, and the communities when there is a confusing sea of misinformation, greed, and good intention out there? Part of our story was recently published by Authority Magazine in the article “Heroes of the COVID Crisis…”

Breaking Down Barriers to Progress

I hit nothing but blockades when starting, and the state was the largest blockade of all. My chances of supplying hospitals, never mind the public, would have been a much easier path.  That path did nothing for the current and coming issues. In my view it would have been the selfish path. Nothing wrong with business watching out for themselves, but for me I would be failing a fundamental core principle of helping others in the process.

The masks needed to be well-thought-out, and designed to eliminate as many possible issues as possible. The mask needed to be the one I would wear and my wife on immune suppression medication after her kidney transplant would also wear. I choose not the best material for my bottom line, but the worst for my bottom line, because it was the one science was pointing to. I choose 100% cotton, and I chose to do 3 layers, not 2 layers.  All these considerations added costs in both material and production.

To get beyond my small voice I hired a Public Relations firm, not to promote me, but what I have available for the public. I built an e-commerce website that could handle any amount of traffic. I made a commitment not to quit or fail my employees or others. I ran the production and donated thousands of masks before I sold one. What was important to me was to bring my workers back.

My vision was to look forward and analyze what possibilities and likelihoods existed in the future. All of the indicators were out there as they are today.  I saw that a company taking the CARES Payroll Protection funds would only have 8 weeks and was required to spend it during those 8 weeks and that it required funding payroll beyond that 8 weeks to make the loans forgivable. I saw that masks were going to be needed by the public when many were saying “masks don’t work.” I saw that the public was going to increase the drain on the vital and necessary supply of masks so desperately needed by our essential workers. I saw that increasing demand from hospitals, states, and the public could cause escalating prices.

The Need to Spread the Word

The first flood of orders came after the Hartford Courant did a story.  At first, the orders began Friday, April 17th like opening a floodgate on an overflowing lake.  Not just the number of orders but the amount of masks per order. That Friday, April 17, I realized it was a flood of need, and I needed to meet that challenge. That same night I was virtually shopping, buying thousands of yards of 100% cotton fabric, and I received it Saturday night. That Monday, April 20th I bought 24 new commercial sewing machines, set up stacked cutting and by that Tuesday, April 21st I had 4 of the new machines in operation with new sewers. By Friday of that week, I had the full line in operation, which meant hiring new employees, tens of thousands of dollars invested, and taking great risks. Orders have leveled off or slowed as other supplies from China flood the market, but we are working hard to get the word out in media about the quality of our 100% cotton, washable masks made in Connecticut.

All this upfront investment means not just meeting the current demand but the ongoing and future projected demand. That is what we do during a pandemic – take risks and actions. We remain committed to using drive, determination and decades of experience to keep “retooling” for whatever the next challenge may be. That’s how a visionary company makes things happen.

If you have questions about ordering or donating masks to an organization, feel free to call us at 800-241-7330.

Pucuda Launches Masks for Citizens

Easy to wear mask

Effective & Affordable Public Masks Now

Pucuda Leading Edge Expands to Make Urgently Needed Masks for The Public

Visit our new website

With the shortage of N95 masks available, We’re offering a fast, effective solution!

We retooled part of our plant to make convenient, effective and affordable masks you can use to go grocery shopping, get take-out food or run other essential errands.

Our masks are hypoallergenic and washable for multiple uses. Great for:

  • General public use
  • Grocery store employees
  • Foodservice workers
  • Delivery and logistics workers
  • Customer service people
  • A backup supply for healthcare providers

We can all feel safer when more of us use masks whenever we need to venture out, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. To learn how to keep yourself and others safe, visit the CDC Website here.

We’re moving fast to serve our community and nation during this challenging time.

Please contact us if you have any questions or visit if you would like to order a supply of masks and have one donated to people on the front lines who need them.

Questions by telephone: 800-241-7330

Amazing Shrinking Nets (Just Add Water)

If you have ever played on or used climbing netting, you know that over time it may stretch and sag. In some applications, this can be a problem, such as a high-traffic amusement park. If you are a park manager considering the lifecycle and maintenance of your attractions, you not only value the durability of netting components but also limited stretch and sag characteristics.

The amazing Shrinking Netting manufactured by Pucuda-Leading Edge introduces the solution to controlling stretch and sag. All you need to do is add water!

Shrinking Net – Before H2O

Shrinking Net After H2O

Adding Versatility to Your Netting Options

Pucuda-Leading Edge® manufactures climbing net products using both standard non-shrink netting or our patented shrinking rope. Shrinking Netting is unique. It adds value to amusement parks throughout the world where a resilient climbing net system is required. Colorful, super-strong and durable, it is one of those products where art, safety and science converge to meet creative park designs.


Unlimited Assortment of Colorful Shrinking Net Configurations

While the spectrum of bright colors enhances the visual impact of a climbing structure, the science and engineering behind Shrink Netting ensure reliability and safety while reducing costly maintenance.

How It Works

Shrink Netting systems are incredibly versatile and have many uses, from rope bridges to water parks. The key component is the self-tensioning rope, which shrinks and tightens when water is applied. This solution saves on installation time and maintenance. The fibers contained within the rope react to H2O, and when combined with soft exterior fibers, the netting result is both soft and strong. Consider its features:

  • Shrinks approximately 20{1db8b7cfecd0366ba15015604523dd2c31f1d2cb10fb026ecdd803e219e8667c}
  • Remains tensioned when dry
  • If it stretches simply add water to return to full tension
  • Average openings are approximately 3 1/2″ but can be made larger or smaller upon request
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Sizes are completely custom per project
  • Meets ASTM requirements for safety

Pucuda-Leading Edge is a leading specialist in netting design, manufacturing, and solutions. Proprietary netting products such as our Shrink Netting Systems are designed for specific environments, such as construction, industrial, amusement park, and sports sites.

For further information about Shrink Netting, click to our video showing it in use. You can also find out more by clicking to our Shrinking Nets page and our Netted Structures Brochure. As always, our netting specialists are ready to answer questions about your next netting application at 1-800-241-7330.

Netting Protects Artifacts and Workers at US Capital Dome Restoration Project

Photo by Carol Highsmith

If you have ever visited Washington, DC, you know that many of the buildings and monuments are architectural treasures. One of these is the US Capital with its Rotunda and spectacular dome.

Photo by Carol Highsmith

The Rotunda is a circular room in the center of the building beneath the Capitol dome. It is 96 feet in diameter and rises 180 feet from the floor to the canopy, with a volume of approximately 1.3 million cubic feet. Completed in 1824, “it has always been considered the most suitable place for the nation to pay final tribute to its most eminent citizens by having their remains lie in state or in honor.” (

All buildings require repairs to fix damage, preserve structural and aesthetic features, and maintain operational systems. However, unlike other structures, architectural treasures like the US Capitol demand special attention to restore and retain their unusual character and value to the public. In 2015, the federal agency Architect of the Capitol (AOC) started on a major restoration of the Rotunda at the US Capitol that, as they put it, “ensures this hallowed space will be enjoyed by generations of visitors, staff and members of Congress for years to come.”

Restoring Piece of History

According to the AOC, “Over time, water leaking through the Capitol Dome and into the building caused more than 1,000 cracks, damaging paint, cast iron, stone and decorative elements in the Rotunda. Beginning in July 2015, and throughout the restoration process, the Architect of the Capitol repaired ironwork, upgraded electrical and mechanical systems, installed new lighting, removed hazardous materials and returned the Rotunda’s paint scheme to more historically accurate colors.”

Capitol Dome Statuary & Frieze Decorations

During this project, Pucuda Leading Edge was asked to develop a 3-layer, protective canopy to be used on scaffolding erected by Safway in the interior of the Rotunda. Pucuda created the drapery for the lower canopy that protected all statuary and wall frieze decorations along the surrounding wall, directly under the dome.

The prototype for this canopy is shown below.

Pucuda Leading Edge Prototype Canopy Netting

It’s interesting to see how this important national restoration project came together. The entire process was documented in photographs by the AOC and can be found on Flickr as well as the AOC website by going to these links:

Working with Protective Canopy Experts

Whether you are restoring a historical site, upgrading a modern building or protecting people and assets, preservation and safety are critically important during the entire construction project. Working with a protective canopy expert such as Pucuda Leading Edge can help streamline the project safety requirements from planning through implementation.

Designing and manufacturing nets and netting systems have been Pucuda’s sole focus for more than 25 years. The company provides innovative construction netting solutions and applies cutting-edge technology at major construction sites from coast to coast.

Pucuda Leading Edge façade containment nets provide safety for the long or short term. These sleek-looking netting systems provide an effective safety barrier to protect pedestrians from falling debris around buildings undergoing renovation, crumbling concrete, or a decaying cornice. The façade containment nets also keep the sidewalks below open and clear for local businesses and pedestrians.

For more information about construction safety products, feel free to download our Safety Netting Systems Product Guide. Or, contact one of our netting experts if have any questions about nets or need a netting solution for your project.

Perimeter Safety Netting Serves Titans of Skyscraper Construction

Have you ever been on an architectural tour in any of the major cities in America? With all the massive skyscrapers, from the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center to the Sears Tower in Chicago, you encounter construction technology at the razor’s edge, achieving amazing heights, with new building techniques and materials.

Sculpted structures rising from the streets below to the sky above, these towers are modern wonders of the construction world. Faced with incredible new designs, engineers must work closely with architects to successfully translate from design through completion.

How do the builders minimize or prevent serious injuries (or hazardous falling debris) during what is a complex and potentially dangerous building process? With many new building designs, using new construction techniques, safety systems sometimes need to be adapted to achieve a safety plan which effectively protects workers and the public. At Pucuda-Leading Edge we have been asked to develop new safety net hardware and systems such as our Steel Erectors Net System to provide safety netting on the interior of steel structures. This is the business we’re in and we take it very seriously.

“Our construction nets provide safety barriers that not only keep workers safer but give them the confidence of working in a more secure environment. They adhere to or exceed all OSHA regulations for strength and durability and are completely customized to each unique construction project.”

Let’s look at some examples…

Netting Design for the Construction Industry

A relatively small and highly nimble company, Pucuda Leading Edge is recognized as “the worldwide leader in safety, industrial, and amusement netting systems” by Our company forges ahead creating safety netting specific for the construction industry and winning contracts with some of the most innovative, modern construction projects including the new Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

Designing and manufacturing nets and netting systems has been Pucuda’s sole focus for more than 25 years. The company provides innovative construction netting solutions and applies cutting edge technology at major construction sites from coast to coast.

Pucuda Leading Edge’s façade containment nets provide safety on renovation projects for the long or short term. These sleek-looking netting systems provide an effective safety barrier to protect pedestrians from falling debris around buildings undergoing restoration, crumbling concrete, or a decaying cornice. Façade containment nets also keep the sidewalks below open and clear for local businesses and pedestrians. These façade netting systems are being deployed on classic architectural structures in Washington, DC, New York among other major cities.

Netting the Tallest Buildings in San Francisco

With a fascinating semi oval-shaped design, the new Salesforce Tower is an incredible structure. At 1,070 feet high, it is now one of the tallest buildings to grace the San Francisco skyline. Its website boasts “61-stories and 1.4 million square feet of innovative office space located on a rare full block site, the building provides unrivaled scale and growth opportunities.”

Around the corner from the Salesforce Tower is the 181 Freemont Street building, for which Pucuda also supplied the construction safety netting systems including perimeter netting.

No matter where in the world major construction projects are going on, our New England based company has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to furnish robust safety netting systems. We’re here to provide netting solutions for every conceivable construction situation to keep workers and passersby confidently safe on and around job sites.

If you have questions about construction netting systems or have a safety issue that could be solved using nets, feel free to contact us to speak with a netting specialist.

Major Theme Parks are Betting on Netting for Fun and Safety

Image source: Funworld

Whether it’s a holiday destination, a weekend excursion, or an escape from school and work, theme parks are attracting the young and young at heart all over the world for fun and recreation! Theme park executives are catering to those who want FUN, from Disney theme parks to local water parks. But to create fun that screams adventure and stimulation for young Indiana Jones wannabes, park planners and maintenance personnel need to build in effective and maintainable safety. Netting makes this possible.

Universal Orlando Resort, known for two of the top-10 best-attended theme parks on earth, is adding another theme park to the list, but this time a huge water park. According to Funworld, the magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) trade association, the resort opened Universal’s Volcano Bay (May 2017), “a 25-acre water theme park it hopes will set a new standard not only for water park design and theming, but also for technological integration in the attractions industry.”

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

The magazine also noted, “The thrilling slides and rides are the attendance draw, and Volcano Bay delivers big in this department. From a high-speed plunge to winding body slides and twisting drop slides, there is no shortage of intense experiences. Plus, one of the best water coasters anywhere journeys into and out of the volcano.”

To encompass this excitement and make it safe requires incredible design and engineering expertise. Who did the designers of Volcano Bay select to provide the barrier netting for a totally fun and safe experience? Pucuda-Leading Edge.

For over 25 years, Pucuda-Leading Edge has been providing state-of-the-art climb netting and barrier netting and ride safety netting. Barrier netting can be anything from a net that separates crowds from an area, provides a railing, or creates a passageway for a maze. Netting comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

Theme park designers are always looking for ways to create innovative experiences. Our netting products are selected by our clients as much from a design choice as a safety decision. Ride safety requires materials and components that can ensure integrated safety. A net can play a part in preventing objects or people from interfering with the safe operation and flow of the amusement

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

park’s rides. As with barrier netting, Pucuda offers ride safety meshes in many sizes, colors and textures, which are both durable and soft to the touch.

So, whether your theme park is a local playground or a global destination resort, you can place your bets on our nets to keep things fun and safe for your visitors. For further information about theme park netting that can support your park design and maintenance, contact one of our netting specialists today at 800-241-7330.



Pucuda Leading Edge Provides Netting Know-how to Water Parks Across Country

Image source:

“The waterpark industry continues to expand in North America, with more than $550 million worth of new investment in indoor and outdoor waterparks and their related resorts in 2016. Waterpark related development is expected to grow in 2017, with over 40 expansions and new facilities opening.” – David J. Sangree, MAI, CPA, ISHC, World Waterpark Magazine

Waterpark popularity continues to grow among consumers looking for fun and exciting activities. To keep pace, park designers need to integrate fun with safety in new layouts and configurations. And operations personnel need park components that are durable and can be easily maintained.

Netting is an integral part of every water park, for not only adding climbing excitement and satisfaction but also providing the underlying safety requirements. Without it, parks would not be much different than flat swimming pools.

By its nature and use, a water park (and an amusement ride which involves water) is extremely demanding on the physical components. This includes the associated netting. Chlorine, acid rain and salt water are all brutal on rope. Ropes sag, and become brittle. Inferior products show their age very quickly. By using quality and durable materials, as well as design innovations that incorporate the latest netting technology, a water park can reduce the wear and tear over the life of the park’s rides.

As the industry leader in water and amusement park netting, Pucuda Leading Edge attends numerous industry shows each year to keep park designers and maintenance personnel up-to-date on the latest netting technology, products, and applications. Its representatives share best practices for installing, configuring, and upgrading netting applications for new and existing parks.

Pucuda Leading Edge will be attending the WWA Annual Symposium & Trade Show (October 17-18) in West Palm Beach FL. Our booth number is #716. Please stop by and see us if you attend the show!

Bringing Fun, Safety, and Quality to Water Parks

For over 25 years, Pucuda Leading Edge has been providing innovative netting products with an emphasis on quality, durability and value for construction, industrial, amusement park, and sports environments. We have designed products and systems for organizations such as NASA, Lockheed, G.M., Universal Studios, and Ground Zero. Its projects have included the Oakland Bay Bridge in California; the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, NV; Pacific Bell (Seismic Protection System) in San Francisco, CA; and Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Pucuda Leading Edge offers many innovative predesigned and custom-built netting and amusement park safety netting. Netted climbing structures draw kids and their families because they are great fun and help kids and families stay active. All our nets are designed for safety, durability, and ease of maintenance. Pucuda offers a full range of safety netting products to support fun activities in outdoor parks and amusement park venues.

Let’s keep things safe and have some fun!

Pucuda Leading Edge and Challenge Towers Inc. Bring Netting Expertise to NRPA Conference

From September 26th through the 28th, Pucuda Leading Edge in partnership with Challenge Towers, will be sharing ideas and solutions with thousands of park and recreation professionals at the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Conference in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, booth #1724. This show will offer “energetic networking activities, inspirational education sessions and an inside look at the latest products for the field” (

Featuring Challenge Towers Skynet Play System

Pucuda’s client, Challenge Towers, will be on-hand at the show to share information about its new Skynet Play System, for which Pucuda supplies the netting.

Experience and Leadership Providing World Class Aerial Experiences

Challenge Towers is a leading company in the challenge course industry, leveraging 20+ years of experience and well over 100 years of combined leadership talent to craft innovative aerial attractions around the world. Challenge Towers is a full service accredited entity that provides design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and training services to a wide array of clients in both the public and private sector. Its focus has been on Zip Lines, Canopy Tours, Aerial Adventure Parks, and Traditional Challenge Courses, and recently, has taken its experience and energy into the new and exciting direction of self-navigating net experiences! Visit our Skynet Play System and see it in action. Click the link or photo below:

Bringing Fun, Safety, and Quality

For over 25 years, Pucuda Leading Edge has been providing innovative netting products with an emphasis on quality, durability and value for construction, industrial, amusement park, and sports environments. Leading Edge has designed products and systems for organizations such as NASA, Lockheed, G.M., Universal Studios, and Ground Zero. Its projects have included the Oakland Bay Bridge in California; the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, NV; Pacific Bell (Seismic Protection System) in San Francisco, CA; and Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Pucuda Leading Edge offers many innovative predesigned and custom-built netting and amusement park safety netting. Netted climbing structures draw kids and their families because they are great fun and help kids and families stay active. Nets are designed for safety, durability, and ease of maintenance. Pucuda Leading Edge offers a full range of safety netting products to support fun activities in outdoor parks and amusement park venues.

Fulfilling Kid and Parent Expectations

Just Imagine how exciting and engaging netting apparatus designed and manufactured by the company working with NASA will be for all those kids who love climbing challenges!

As parents, we want our kids to be active and adventurous, and expect safety built into products being installed in our parks and recreation activities. Whether you and your kids are climbing rope bridges, riding zip lines, jumping on trampolines, or simply climbing through a maze of cargo netting, we all want a fun and safe time!

Adding Value to the Parks and Recreation Industry

If you are a parks or recreation professional working with municipalities, or public or private high schools and universities, you know how important it is to ensure safety and an exciting user experience to visitors who come to your venue. It is also of value to your organization if the installations you add to your park are easy to install and maintain.

Netting products can address safety concerns through a variety of solutions. For example, you can apply specific netting for ride safety, public safety, and perimeter safety (e.g., adjacent properties), to provide personnel and visitor fall protection and debris containment and control.

Installation and maintenance requirements can be satisfied by using netting solutions that are made to withstand the rigor of time, weather, and use, as well as be able to adapt to changing configurations. For example, Pucuda’s Playscape is constructed of heavy steel tubing with interior connectors making it easy to change and combine other system components to create an integrated netted play environment. The patented Ultimate Shrinking Net™ is durable while facilitating faster and trouble-free installation and easier re-tensioning as needed.

Pucuda Leading Edge provides safety products, consulting, engineering, and installation assistance. They provide assistance to both owners and contractors in the conceptual and planning stages of projects. As a project continues to develop, we have the additional resources required to see the program to completion. Leading Edge is structured to respond to “the client’s needs” from a total turnkey approach to any single component required.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

For further information, stop by our booth at the show, #1724, or call us at 800-241-7330 to speak with a netting specialist.