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Texas Amusement Park Finally Under Construction

Grand Texas will soon be seeing the 632-acre amusement park that has been delayed for the past year. Originally intended to be completed in 2015, the amusement park will include an RV park with 144 lots, kart-racing track, and water park. It w ill be located at the intersection of Highway 59 and 442 in New Caney… Read More »

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel Reaches Construction Milestone

The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel is presently in construction and has reached a construction milestone as its foundation has been completed. The Ferris wheel is being constructed in New York and will eclipse the previous holder of the title, which currently resides in Las Vegas.  An Impressive Foundation The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel has required… Read More »

Legoland Is Coming To Upstate New York

A new amusement park will be coming soon to upstate New York, to the excitement of many families and hobbyists. Legoland is reportedly being developed across a 500 acre plot of land in New York. It will be the third such park within the United States, with the other two Legoland parks being located in… Read More »

Six Flags Is Opening A Theme Park In Saudi Arabia

Six Flags is reportedly seeking to open a theme park in Saudi Arabia, which will have all of their ordinary attractions included: roller coasters, bumper cars, and more. Understandably, this is an interesting project, as it involves a cultural barrier that will need to be surmounted. There are currently ongoing meetings regarding the park and… Read More »

Inside This Year’s Virtual Reality Roller Coasters

This year, 2016, will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of virtual reality. With the release of home virtual reality devices, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, many consumers are becoming more interested (and invested) in the potential applications. The home isn’t the only place that’s going to be invaded by virtual reality.… Read More »

Which Theme Parks Are Coming In 2016?

There are some amazing attractions coming up in 2016 for those who love the theme park atmosphere and are looking for something creative and new. Whether you’re interested in watching real life Quidditch or just want to immerse yourself in the dystopian world of The Hunger Games, there’s going to be something coming for you.