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Latest Hardware Monitors Construction Workers’ Safety

SmartSite is currently testing out new, technologically advanced sensors, as a way to improve upon the safety of workers at construction sites. Construction is a notoriously dangerous industry, and many construction companies have been working towards finding new ways to improve safety without putting the burden on employees. Passive safety measures such as sensors may… Read More »

Importance of Continual Safety Training

Safety training isn’t a one time proposition. Continual safety training is essential to maintaining a safe work site and safe employees. Continual safety training provides a refresher for older, senior employees while offering information that newer employees may have been missed or may not have properly absorbed. It’s very easy for safety training to be… Read More »

How To Train Temporary Workers For Safety

Careful training of temporary employees is critical not only for the safety of the temporary employee but also the rest of the crew. The training of temporary employees is often complicated by a few factors: temp employees come from a variety of backgrounds, often have a limited amount of time for safety training, and usually… Read More »

Exercising Safety Around Leading Edges

Leading edges can be extraordinarily dangerous. When constructing new metal decking, construction workers are required to slowly move across the surface, creating a new edge as the decking is built. This edge has to be properly secured in order to be safe, but the changing environment of the deck can make it easy for workers… Read More »

How To Prevent Skylight Falls

Fall accidents are among the most likely to be fatal on a construction sites. Many fall accidents occur while either ascending or descending, or because a worker isn’t aware of the layout of the area. In particular, skylights tend to be very dangerous. In the dark, skylights are often unnoticeable, and even a closed skylight… Read More »

5 Ways To Keep Employees Safe On Construction Sites

Everyone wants to keep their employees safe. Unfortunately, construction sites are naturally dangerous places, and all employees occasionally make mistakes. Employers who want to protect their employees will need to maintain both strict and proactive safety protocols. 

Report: There Were Over 4,800 Worker Deaths In 2014

A recent report by the AFL-CIO has determined that approximately 4,820 workers were killed on the job through the year 2014. This only includes those who were physically killed while working; the same report estimates that up to 60,000 workers may be dying from work-related diseases. These deaths should ideally be preventable through the use of… Read More »

How To Manage the Safety Department Solo

As a single professional, how can you reliably manage your safety department? A one-person safety team can still be effective, and also has the benefit of being able to be agile and not having to form a consensus for initiatives. However, a one-person safety team also needs to be extremely vigilant and aggressive if they… Read More »

5 Ways To Prevent Falling Object Injuries

Falling object injuries are a serious threat throughout construction and work sites; throughout 2011, there were a total of 219 fatalities from falling objects alone. Not only are falling objects themselves potentially damaging, but they can cause workers to lose their footing, slip, or fall, leading to even more serious injuries and potentially deaths. There… Read More »

New York Is Updating Their Crane Safety Plan After Deadly Accident

The collapse of a crane in downtown Manhattan has claimed the life of a pedestrian walking through the site, in addition to injuring three others. Following this fatal accident, New York has initiated an update in their crane safety plan. This safety plan is geared towards protecting pedestrians and passersby from potential accidents and injuries… Read More »