Category: Safety

Avoid Falls This Winter

Are you concerned about the risks of slipping during the rainy, wet winter season? It’s right to be worried: slipping accidents are extremely common throughout winter and they can lead to fairly severe injuries. In fact, there are even deaths related to slipping and falling. But there are some things you can do to manage… Read More »

Dallas Is Requiring Construction Breaks

New ordinances in Dallas have made it mandatory for construction workers to be given a 10 minute break for every four hours worked, after having been passed by city council members in a 10 to 5 vote. Increased break times tend to increase safety, as tired or distracted workers can easily forget basic safety protocols… Read More »

Drones Are Changing The Construction Industry

Drones may soon be used to improve upon both the effectiveness and the safety of construction work sites. Drones are already entering into consideration and testing for the improvement of on-site real-time awareness in companies throughout the globe. Real-time awareness is critical for complex construction work sites, to provide information that can be used to boost… Read More »