Leading Edge has developed systems that were considered impossible. This required much time developing the fibers and the methods to make the “impossible” possible. The US Patent office has awarded dozens of patents for this pioneering work.

What this means to our customers is that they receive the best technology and expense-saving systems available in the world.

We at Leading Edge don’t accept “I can’t” or “it can’t.” The answer is always “it can, if!” We are able to utilize our vast experience and technology for the benefit of our clients. With over 20 years of developing solutions, the advancements are continuously evolving. Products like the shrinking net means that a structure can be netted and, rather than just catching something, it can hold and contain. It also means the labor to install is reduced considerably.

It is not uncommon for a Leading Edge solution to reduce labor by as much as 70%, which may be unheard of by others, but not to Leading Edge and our clients. Sometimes we even shock ourselves. We see the numbers of the before and after and see reductions in cost and improvements in performance that are shocking, but when you consider that nylon replacing manila was not until the 20th century (and little to nothing has been done since), it’s not surprising to see dynamic advancement. Leading Edge long ago realized that pioneering advancement was the best investment for our clients.

We are flattered to be called the “Apple” of netting. I guess we may be catching up on the number of developments with some of the big IT companies. Why not? WE CAN!