Masks for Schools Initiative Started

June 19, 2020

We’ve been talking quite a lot about making reusable, highly effective masks available for the public to help contain the spread of coronavirus and eventually end this pandemic. Our Masks For Citizens division has so far delivered thousands of our adjustable and reusable cotton facemasks to the public for a low cost while at the same time donated thousands to organizations that most need them; nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, first responders and churches.

Announcing Masks For Schools

We have realized for some time that the coronavirus pandemic will linger for months if not longer and that our kids and teachers need comfortable and effective face coverings to prevent the spread of this dangerous respiratory illness. So, since cloth masks are proven to help prevent the spread of illness, why not make washable masks that kids will actually want to wear? Well, we’ve done just that.

Now with Masks For Schools, you can order convenient 5-packs of customizable and adjustable masks complete with safe, nontoxic colored markers for kids to customize and create their own unique mask art.

To provide you with some background info for why we’re doing this, we suggest that you read our latest post on our masks division website. Click this link or visit and click the article headline.

Additionally, we produced this video to demonstrate how fun it can be for kids to make masks their own. Please have a look…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Rexroad at 800-241-7330.

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