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Masks for Schools Initiative Started

We’ve been talking quite a lot about making reusable, highly effective masks available for the public to help contain the spread of coronavirus and eventually end this pandemic. Our Masks For Citizens division has so far delivered thousands of our adjustable and reusable cotton facemasks to the public for a low cost while at the… Read More »

What Does “Made in America” Really Mean?

Made in America are words that matter to me and I’m a stickler for words and their meaning. Maybe it’s many decades of writing safety standards that make me incredibly careful about how I use words, so that they are correctly used. When writing standards, if you want to leave no question as to clarity… Read More »

Beyond Retooling to Provide Needed Masks for the Public

By John Rexroad Retooling is nothing new at Pucuda Leading Edge. We are constantly reinventing things for an improved future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we just naturally shifted gears to address this challenge and be part of the solution. It’s important to understand how I view our role in industry and society. Worker and public… Read More »