Amusement Park Netting

Innovative Solutions in Construction Safety, Fall Protection and Containment Netting

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Pucuda-Leading Edge® climbing net products are manufactured out of our standard non-shrink or our patented shrinking rope. Available in a spectrum of bright colors, our netting will enhance the visual impact of any climbing structure which they are part of.

From crowd control to ride safety, barrier netting can fulfill several functions at once. When rope and barrier netting products are combined the result is a highly flexible way to control crowds and protect the public at the same time.

Our netting products are designed specifically for certain kinds of uses. A system that is used in an amusement park would have different requirements than one used in a construction environment. Rope netting products which are used in the amusement industry must meet the ASTM requirements for safety.

All the netting products which we offer are rigorously tested to meet or exceed these rigid standards, while also offering many unique attributes such as softness, shrinking capability, and color.

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