Provide a curious and fun climbing experience for kids and families!

Pucuda-Leading Edge® has developed climbing net systems for amusement parks all over the world. Our new Pucuda-Leading Edge® netted structures deliver a low maintenance and highly entertaining play environment.

“Netted structures are versatile, fun, family oriented and safe for all ages.”

1) Our netted Box Tower consists of two separate climbing rope courses which offer a fun and challenging experience for people of all ages. Entry and exit points dependent on system design.

2) Towers are connected by netted platforms, tunnels or bridges.

3) Our slide systems are designed to fit into the space requirements of the site. Fabricated out of high quality Polyethylene, they come in a variety of colors.

4) Net Bridges, tunnels and platforms are used to connect vertical towers and enhance the experience of visitors.

5) The Tree Tower consists of an exterior spiral net course, with a separate interior climb maze. Entry and exit points at various levels depending on integrated structure’s design.

Constructed of heavy steel tubing with interior connectors, our playscape has a clean, colorful exterior surface and is easily combined with our other system components to create an integrated netted play environment.

Our patented Ultimate Shrinking Net™ is available in many bright colors and has a woven Super-Soft™ poly-blend jacket braided over a core of our revolutionary shrinking rope. Pucudua Leading Edge invented this durable product to facilitate faster and trouble free installation as well as easier re-tensioning. And rest assured! Manufactured in accordance with Quality Control Standard USN-1a, this rope meets all applicable ASTM 24 Standards.

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