Leading Edge nets and systems utilize the most advanced technology and materials. There are many innovations and improvements that are incorporated into the manufacture as well as the strict conformance to manufacturing procedures, which not only enhance the construction from a quality and uniformity basis, but also the longevity of the product as a whole.

The advantages include:

  • All mesh is individually fastened to the ½” border rope utilizing Leading Edge’s exclusive patented Crimp Lock® system. The Crimp Lock® fasteners pneumatically connect each mesh individually to the border rope which is woven into each mesh. This assures that the net connection cannot unravel, dislodge, slip, or have a catastrophic failure like that which can be experienced in a hand-lashed net.
  • Leading Edge utilizes double strand mesh construction which has proven in tests to exceed the performance of single strand cord of equal and higher strength.
  • Leading Edge uses only first quality twisted nylon cord which has been tested to rigorous standards. This assures ultimate performance and longevity.
  • Leading Edge uses exclusively Envirocoat treatment which assures long term service and maintains the integrity and performance of the nets.
  • In recent projects, Leading Edge nets that were installed in the exact same conditions and on the same project continued to meet the performance requirements while other nets disintegrated and created an unsafe condition which required a complete replacement with Leading Edge nets.
  • Leading Edge utilizes debris mesh and construction designed for long-term performance and utilizes the most advanced materials and methods of construction.
  • Leading Edge uses only the most advanced materials in the construction of their debris liner. Only first quality Dacron and other cutting edge yarns and exclusive coatings are utilized. Also, all materials contain UV protection and are fire retardant, which is not a surface treatment, but is actually bound in the core compounds utilized. This assures the treatment will not wash or wear off the material.
  • All Leading Edge nets conform to all ANSI, OSHA, Army CORP of Engineers, and ASTM standards. Leading Edge utilizes no ambiguous tests that serve to mislead or provide information that cannot be supported with live load testing. This includes liners, which are tested and certified independently from the safety net. All liners and safety nets meet or exceed ASTM F2375-09 as well as the other standards.
  • Leading Edge has the ability to train and certify companies in the repair of nets due to the manufacturing procedures utilized. This is not possible to do with lashed construction due to the lack of ability to assure consistence and months required to become efficient.