Shrinking Nets

Eliminate “Stretch & Sag” With Shrinking Nets
We created and own the patent on this innovative netting product. Shrink netting systems are incredibly versatile and have many uses, from rope bridges to water parks. It is a self-tensioning rope, which shrinks and tightens when water is applied. It saves on installation time and maintenance as the fibers contained within the rope react to H2O, and when combined with our super-soft exterior fibers, the result is both a very soft and strong netting product.

  • Shrinks to 80% of length when watered
  • Remains tensioned when dry
  • If it stretches simply water to return to full tension
  • Average openings are 3 1/2″ but can be made larger or smaller upon request
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Sizes are completely custom per project
  • Check out our Amusement Catalog for more information

Step 1
Set up the nets. It’s easy because tensioning is not required.

Step 2
Water the net.

Step 3
Relax! You’re done.

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