Ceiling & Roof Containment Nets

Industry Leader in Ceiling & Roof Containment Nets for Over 25 Years

  • Exclusive Net Design for Optimum Strength & Durability
  • Highest Degree of Performance
  • Light-Weight & Easy To Install
  • Highest Level of Trained Netting Personnel
  • Industry Leader in New Product Development for Over 25 Years
  • Custom Netting Available

Leading Edge net systems provide protection from debris falling from ceiling areas during reconstruction or as an interim solution. The netting systems can provide protection for personnel, the public, and equipment below, as well as workers above the system. In most cases, costly down time or relocation of operations can be eliminated. Netting systems are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Systems are available for all levels of containment including:

  • Weather Protection
  • Water Collection
  • Sandblasting
  • Public Protection
  • Dust Protection
  • Debris Containment