20T 2” Knotted Netting

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This mesh is made from #72 twisted nylon seine twine manufactured from DuPont® 6-6 728 nylon filament. Mesh is constructed from twisted nylon x 2” stretched mesh (2” square opening) x 2” stretched mesh (2” square). Knotted construction is a 3 strand, Z twist primary into S twist secondary.

Netting shall meet the requirements of ASTM F2375-09, 7.3 Nets shall be treated with fire retardant and meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM F2375, 4.5 and NFPA 701 method 2 The net shall be manufactured in accordance with Quality Control Standard USN-1a. The net shall meet all applicable ASTM Standards.

Product Details Specs
Material #72 twisted nylon seine twine
Yarn DuPont® 6-6 728 nylon filament
Construction 3 Strand, knotted, Z twist primary, S twist secondary
Weight .073 lbs Per Square FT.
Strength (Tensile) 665 lbs.
Fire Retardant NFPA 701 Large scale test
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