5/8” Climb Netting

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The jacket yarns shall have color throughout and dyeing of yarns is unacceptable. The color extrusion process reduces the fading process and effects of UV Light. The rope shall have a minimum breaking strength of 3200 lbs. Each net intersection shall be double tucked and free of movement. The shrink net shall be oversized for ease of application and tension itself when wetted with water. The mesh shall not have any openings larger than 3.5” x 3.5”. The net shall be manufactured in accordance with Quality Control Standard USN-1a. The net shall meet all applicable ASTM F24 Standard F2375-09. This product is also available as non-shrink climb netting.

Product Details Specifications
Jacket Material Polypropylene
Jacket Yarn Braided Type S15 Supersoft™
Interior Yarn 1st Quality Pavalon Yarn with Type 116B Jacket
Construction Double Tucked Weave
Nominal Mesh Size 3.5” Mesh
Tensile Strength 3200 lbs.
Fire Rating NFPA 701 Large Scale Test
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