John Rexroad
Leading Edge Safety Systems

Mr. Rexroad has been involved with high level projects for over 25 years. His professional activities include conducting training classes for such organizations as OSHA, The AGC, NYU, and Drexel University. He is the Chairman of the netting standard for ASTM.

John is the designer of the netting system used on the Washington Monument, which was awarded two U.S. Patents. His list of accomplishments includes the development of revolutionary technologies which have been awarded over a dozen patents to date.

Mr. Rexroad has designed products and systems for such organizations as NASA, Lockheed, G.M., Ground Zero, Decommissioning of the Manhattan Project, and the vertical netting used in New York and worldwide. Projects include: Seven World Trade Center Tower, NY; the Empire State Building, NY; the Oakland Bay Bridge, CA; the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV; Pacific Bell (Seismic Protection System), San Francisco, CA; and City Center, Las Vegas NV.

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