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Innovative Solutions in Construction Safety, Fall Protection and Containment Netting

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For over 25 years, Pucuda Leading Edge® has led the construction industry with innovative netting systems that protect people and property during various phases of construction and building renovations. Our netting solutions dramatically improve the safety of your construction site and adhere to all OSHA rules and regulations.

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

Designing and manufacturing nets and netting systems has been our sole focus for over 25 years. Today we’re pleased to be positioned as a national leader, providing innovative construction netting solutions and applying cutting edge technology at major construction sites from coast to coast.

New York Public Library, New York City

Pucuda Leading Edge façade containment nets provide safety for the long or short term. These sleek-looking netting systems provide an effective safety barrier to protect pedestrians from falling debris around buildings undergoing renovation, crumbling concrete, or a decaying cornice. Our façade containment nets also keep the sidewalks below open and clear for local businesses and pedestrians.

Our construction nets provide safety barriers that not only keep workers safer but give them the confidence of working in a more secure environment. They adhere to or exceed all OSHA regulations for strength and durability and are completely customized to each unique construction project.

Pucuda Leading Edge construction safety nets offer building contractors numerous applications that keep workers safer on the job and reduce or eliminate the danger of falling objects around construction sites.

These applications include:

Please feel free to download our Safety Netting Systems Product Guide or contact one of our netting experts if have questions about nets or need a netting solution for your project.

We can provide any size and shape of net

as well as the hardware and rigging needed to safely apply it to your job site.