A New Year of Colorful Soft Sculptures

December 28, 2018

In the past really artistic netted structures have been limited primarily to small children and limited climbing and active use in places like playgrounds and children’s areas. Pucuda-Leading Edge’s new systems and designs have expanded both the activities associated with climbing structures and age ranges from the smallest child to the oldest adult. Now structures are becoming more artistic, sculptural and beautiful in their own right. These new systems are a natural fit for indoor or outdoor use at schools, corporate campuses, city centers and lobbies among other public spaces and entertainment facilities.

Colorful and  sculptural netting in a public space at a mall.

These colorful evolutionary netting systems will engage the public in different ways than the classical netted structures. On one level they have an architectural, almost otherworldly appearance, like a sculpture that has been sent through time from the future.  At the same time, they are also fully interactive netted areas which will fascinate and involve people of all ages, in play, exploration and relaxation. With illumination these structures take on a whole other element, becoming the premier attraction to the town center, public space or your lobby or facility.

Colorful netted play areas for schools and children's museums are fun for everyone.
Multi-colored climb netting system of ramps in a children's play area.

Your netted structure will be both functional and artistic. With the addition of slides and other play elements, these new netting designs can transform an ordinary experience into the extraordinary, engaging users in mind opening play and relaxation. And with their brilliant patterns of color and organic shapes, these systems are both beautiful to look at and highly memorable. Good memories are what drive return visits to your special spot.

A children's play area in a museum can add value and draw new visitors.

Pucuda-Leading Edge’s netting systems are all custom designed and manufactured. With over 30 years of experience in the safety, amusement and entertainment/arts business, we have the now how and technology that will make your project a success.

Anyone can create the common and mundane, but only Pucuda-Leading Edge is known for creating the extraordinary, safe and full family structures that are breaking world records around the globe.

If you’re a smaller facility, expecting the same quality and service as large clients — we have you covered! Our policy is that we treat all clients and orders with the same level of respect, attention to detail, value and service. Perhaps a bit old fashioned, but our customers always deserve the best values in the industry.

If you are looking for climb netting, barrier netting or beautiful architectural netting and netted playscapes, Pucuda-Leading Edge has the experience and product line to make your project succeed.

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