Steel Erectors Safety Net System™

June 28, 2019
A safety netting system for steel structures.

Pucuda-Leading Edge has set the standard for the perimeter safety netting which is used during the construction phase of high-rise towers, commercial warehouses and distribution centers. Several years ago we were asked to develop a new construction safety netting system to be used with steel frame structures. While iron workers are renowned for their sure footed work, recent incidents involving falls have put pressure on contractors to control job site injuries. A single fatal incident on a construction site can send insurance rates skyrocketing for builders.

The Steel Erectors Net System™ is designed to protect the open spans between columns and beams. As agile as steel workers are, there have been situations where laborers have stepped off a beam and fallen to the floors below. A fall of just a few feet can be fatal.






Our system is attached to structural vertical columns. It employs a system of specialized ropes (that rival steel cables), which are threaded through proprietary hardware positioned on a column. These ropes are then attached to the corners of our specially designed net panels, allowing work crews to raise or lower them.

Installing a safety netting system for steel frame buildings A safety netting system being installed on a steel frame building

The intended location for our Steel Erectors Net System™, is just below the regular working surface. After the initial flooring for the working level is completed, the bracket hardware is easily relocated to the next stage and the netting panels reattached. The structural steel contractor can make the decision about instillation procedure. Depending on access issues, some contractors set up our brackets in their steel staging area: installing the hardware (and ropes) in the desired location, before lifting the column into position on the structure. Contractors can self-identify the installation timing and procedures that works best on their particular job.

This system can be adapted for different structural steel designs, so please contact us with your project.

A Safety netting system for steel frame structures A safety netting system for steel frame structures. Pucuda Leading Edge provides safety netting for steel erectors, fall protection and debris containment. They provide assistance to both owners and contractors through consulting, engineering, and installation assistance.

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