Kidspace Children’s Museum: Replacement Climbing Nets

March 4, 2020
A climbing structure at a children's museum.

Kidspace children’s museum is situated beside the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. This highly regarded family destination has over 40 interactive exhibits and play experiences for everyone. Situated on what had been a horticultural center at Brookside Park, the museum opened its 3 acre campus in 2004. The museum focuses its developmental learning programs on children aged 1 to 10 years of age, with variety of scientific and natural based exhibits that encourage exploration.

A damaged climbing net at a children's museum.A badly damaged climbing net in need of replacement..A climbing net showing extreme wear and damage.Pucuda had been called into provide a replacement climb netting system for a rope bridge in the museum’s outdoor climbing area called Arroyo Adventure. The product which had previously been installed was heavily damaged by the constant use of children climbing through the exhibit. The museum contacted us about our climb netting products, and in particular our own patented Shrinking Net®.

The first manufacturing stage of a cargo climbing net. The intermediate manufacturing stage of a climbing net. A rope net bridge being manufactured.The difference with our climb netting products is that we manufacture them for specific functions. Our 5/8 Climbing Net, is hand woven and meets the ASTM standards for amusement netting. The Supersoft™ rope that the nets are made from is available in over 18 brilliant colors. In the case of the replacement net which we manufactured for the Kidspace rope bridge, we made them a jute colored, 5/8 Shrinking climb net, with a 30K barrier net for the top of the bridge.

A rope net bridge being installed. A rope net bridge at a children's museum. Rope net bridges are a great addition to children's museums.A climbing play area at a children's museum.Many active play destinations such as children’s museums and amusement parks will use whatever material a netting re-seller, or net installer provides them. Trusting that they are being provided with a product and a professional installation that will be a good return on their investment. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many situations where an inappropriate product is installed and needs to be replaced before long.

We’ve been in the business a long time and have provided our systems to amusement parks all over the world. Contact us for a sample of our netting and tell us about your project.

Pucuda Leading Edge provides climbing netting, barrier netting and safety netting for amusement parks and waterparks all over the world.

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