Major Theme Parks are Betting on Netting for Fun and Safety

November 7, 2017

Image source: Funworld

Whether it’s a holiday destination, a weekend excursion, or an escape from school and work, theme parks are attracting the young and young at heart all over the world for fun and recreation! Theme park executives are catering to those who want FUN, from Disney theme parks to local water parks. But to create fun that screams adventure and stimulation for young Indiana Jones wannabes, park planners and maintenance personnel need to build in effective and maintainable safety. Netting makes this possible.

Universal Orlando Resort, known for two of the top-10 best-attended theme parks on earth, is adding another theme park to the list, but this time a huge water park. According to Funworld, the magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) trade association, the resort opened Universal’s Volcano Bay (May 2017), “a 25-acre water theme park it hopes will set a new standard not only for water park design and theming, but also for technological integration in the attractions industry.”

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

The magazine also noted, “The thrilling slides and rides are the attendance draw, and Volcano Bay delivers big in this department. From a high-speed plunge to winding body slides and twisting drop slides, there is no shortage of intense experiences. Plus, one of the best water coasters anywhere journeys into and out of the volcano.”

To encompass this excitement and make it safe requires incredible design and engineering expertise. Who did the designers of Volcano Bay select to provide the barrier netting for a totally fun and safe experience? Pucuda-Leading Edge.

For over 25 years, Pucuda-Leading Edge has been providing state-of-the-art climb netting and barrier netting and ride safety netting. Barrier netting can be anything from a net that separates crowds from an area, provides a railing, or creates a passageway for a maze. Netting comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

Theme park designers are always looking for ways to create innovative experiences. Our netting products are selected by our clients as much from a design choice as a safety decision. Ride safety requires materials and components that can ensure integrated safety. A net can play a part in preventing objects or people from interfering with the safe operation and flow of the amusement

Image source: Pucuda Leading Edge

park’s rides. As with barrier netting, Pucuda offers ride safety meshes in many sizes, colors and textures, which are both durable and soft to the touch.

So, whether your theme park is a local playground or a global destination resort, you can place your bets on our nets to keep things fun and safe for your visitors. For further information about theme park netting that can support your park design and maintenance, contact one of our netting specialists today at 800-241-7330.



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