Perimeter Safety Netting Serves Titans of Skyscraper Construction

December 6, 2017

Have you ever been on an architectural tour in any of the major cities in America? With all the massive skyscrapers, from the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center to the Sears Tower in Chicago, you encounter construction technology at the razor’s edge, achieving amazing heights, with new building techniques and materials.

Sculpted structures rising from the streets below to the sky above, these towers are modern wonders of the construction world. Faced with incredible new designs, engineers must work closely with architects to successfully translate from design through completion.

How do the builders minimize or prevent serious injuries (or hazardous falling debris) during what is a complex and potentially dangerous building process? With many new building designs, using new construction techniques, safety systems sometimes need to be adapted to achieve a safety plan which effectively protects workers and the public. At Pucuda-Leading Edge we have been asked to develop new safety net hardware and systems such as our Steel Erectors Net System to provide safety netting on the interior of steel structures. This is the business we’re in and we take it very seriously.

“Our construction nets provide safety barriers that not only keep workers safer but give them the confidence of working in a more secure environment. They adhere to or exceed all OSHA regulations for strength and durability and are completely customized to each unique construction project.”

Let’s look at some examples…

Netting Design for the Construction Industry

A relatively small and highly nimble company, Pucuda Leading Edge is recognized as “the worldwide leader in safety, industrial, and amusement netting systems” by Our company forges ahead creating safety netting specific for the construction industry and winning contracts with some of the most innovative, modern construction projects including the new Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

Designing and manufacturing nets and netting systems has been Pucuda’s sole focus for more than 25 years. The company provides innovative construction netting solutions and applies cutting edge technology at major construction sites from coast to coast.

Pucuda Leading Edge’s façade containment nets provide safety on renovation projects for the long or short term. These sleek-looking netting systems provide an effective safety barrier to protect pedestrians from falling debris around buildings undergoing restoration, crumbling concrete, or a decaying cornice. Façade containment nets also keep the sidewalks below open and clear for local businesses and pedestrians. These façade netting systems are being deployed on classic architectural structures in Washington, DC, New York among other major cities.

Netting the Tallest Buildings in San Francisco

With a fascinating semi oval-shaped design, the new Salesforce Tower is an incredible structure. At 1,070 feet high, it is now one of the tallest buildings to grace the San Francisco skyline. Its website boasts “61-stories and 1.4 million square feet of innovative office space located on a rare full block site, the building provides unrivaled scale and growth opportunities.”

Around the corner from the Salesforce Tower is the 181 Freemont Street building, for which Pucuda also supplied the construction safety netting systems including perimeter netting.

No matter where in the world major construction projects are going on, our New England based company has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to furnish robust safety netting systems. We’re here to provide netting solutions for every conceivable construction situation to keep workers and passersby confidently safe on and around job sites.

If you have questions about construction netting systems or have a safety issue that could be solved using nets, feel free to contact us to speak with a netting specialist.

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