Port Discovery: From Factory to Installation

November 21, 2019

This year Pucuda was engaged to design, manufacture and install a climbing net system at Port Discovery Childrens Museum in Baltimore, MD. In this situation we were involved as a subcontractor to the firm Roto. Based in Dublin, Ohio, Roto is a full service design and manufacturing firm, specializing in exhibits for museums, science centers and other attractions. Pucuda was brought into the project because of our experience and knowledge regarding climbing net structures.

The SkyClimber climbing structure being constructed in Port Discovery Children's Museum.

Roto involved us during the project’s conceptual design phase: in particular those elements which involved our climb netting. This is our preferred way to work with a client. When we are brought in during the design phase of a project, we are able to give input and advice which makes a project more successful for everyone.

A netted climbing tunnel at Port Discovery Children's Museum. A tunnel made from climbing netting.After looking at prototype models for sections of the Roto units we were able to advise attachment locations and methods before fabrication of the structure started. On location at Port Discovery, where a huge remodeling effort was underway, there were many contractors involved in different phases of the project.

A ship being constructed in a children's museum.

Steel workers were assembling the skyclimber structure even as carpenters were building a ship that is the centerpiece of the interactive port in the museum. Pucuda was carrying out the climb netting install while electricians, painters and flooring specialists were doing their jobs. It was a very busy work site.

The climbing structure during construction at Port Discovery Children's Museum. A worker installing netting in a climbing structure.

A crane beside the SkyClimber at Port Discovery. The form of a boat takes shape under The SkyClimber at Port Discovery. The Sky Climber arches above the boat at Port Discovery Children's Museum.Multicolored climbing nets installed in The SkyClimber. The SkyClimber and it's netted tunnels arch over the freshly painted boat.The the climbing leg of multicolored SkyClimber. A massive looping steel slide is installed beside The SkyClimber at Port Discovery. A steel slide twists from the top of the SkyClimber to the floor below.In addition to manufacturing and installing all climbing and barrier netting in the Climber Unit, Pucuda was also responsible for all the netting and activities in The Think Tank. This is a partially wheelchair accessible elevated area, which features soft play opportunities for people with disabilities.

A netted recreation area for individuals with disabilities. The Think Tank is a place where people with disabilities can play. A seat on a rope.

When the structures at Port Discovery’s playscape were finally completed, it was a great example of teamwork in all phases of the project. All of the elements of the museum redesign were beautifully conceived and executed, blending together in an immersive learning experience for children. It was a project which everyone at Pucuda-Leading Edge was proud to participate in.

A panoramic scene of Port Discovery Children's Museum.In summation, we’d like to showcase the revolutionary netting product used in Roto’s climbing structures at Port Discovery: our patented Shrinking NetTM. This net is custom made by hand from our Shrinking Rope and is one of our most popular products. It’s usually used in situations where a platform net is required because it is highly resilient and provides a durable non-sagging climbing experience. Because of its’ patented design and materials, the netting tightens when water is applied: this results in a tight installation of the net — with no sagging. We produce our climbing net in 19 brilliant colors. Check out the brochures on our website for more information. Or better yet, call us up for a sample!

Making climb netting by hand. A sliver climbing net. A teal climbing net is made by hand.


Pucuda Leading Edge provides climbing netting, barrier netting and safety netting for amusement parks, science centers, children’s museums and waterparks all over the world.


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