Pucuda Installs Climb Netting and Padding at 20th Century Fox World in Malaysia

September 27, 2018

It’s been a busy in the last year at Pucuda-Leading Edge: which included climb netting installations all over the world. One of the most exotic and beautiful of the locations where we installed climb netting was at the new 20th Century Fox World theme park in Resorts World Genting Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia. At 1,800 meters high, the resort is perched on top of Mount Ulu Kali. This international vacation destination, featuring hotels, theme parks, casinos and shopping malls is most notably reached by the Genting Skyway cable cars.

Pucuda manufactured and installed the climb netting system for an NB100 climbing structure that was being installed into a completely renovated theme park which sits atop the famous mountain top resort. The product which we installed was our patented Shrinking Net® which tightens when water is applied, creating a highly durable climbing surface. Because it rains at some time every day in the highlands, the entire installation process was carried out underneath an immense tarp which shrouded the NB100 structure.




For this job, Pucuda was also responsible for manufacturing padding for specific locations on the structure. Because it rains in the Genting Highlands nearly every afternoon, the padding had to be highly resistant to moisture. So we selected a water resistant foam for the filling, with a urethane coated ballistic nylon cover. The padding featured sturdy straps with Velcro® attachments for easy installation.

Pucuda Leading Edge provides climbing netting, barrier netting, safety netting and padding for amusement parks and waterparks all over the world.

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