Amazing Shrinking Nets (Just Add Water)

January 28, 2018

If you have ever played on or used climbing netting, you know that over time it may stretch and sag. In some applications, this can be a problem, such as a high-traffic amusement park. If you are a park manager considering the lifecycle and maintenance of your attractions, you not only value the durability of netting components but also limited stretch and sag characteristics.

The amazing Shrinking Netting manufactured by Pucuda-Leading Edge introduces the solution to controlling stretch and sag. All you need to do is add water!

Shrinking Net – Before H2O

Shrinking Net After H2O

Adding Versatility to Your Netting Options

Pucuda-Leading Edge® manufactures climbing net products using both standard non-shrink netting or our patented shrinking rope. Shrinking Netting is unique. It adds value to amusement parks throughout the world where a resilient climbing net system is required. Colorful, super-strong and durable, it is one of those products where art, safety and science converge to meet creative park designs.


Unlimited Assortment of Colorful Shrinking Net Configurations

While the spectrum of bright colors enhances the visual impact of a climbing structure, the science and engineering behind Shrink Netting ensure reliability and safety while reducing costly maintenance.

How It Works

Shrink Netting systems are incredibly versatile and have many uses, from rope bridges to water parks. The key component is the self-tensioning rope, which shrinks and tightens when water is applied. This solution saves on installation time and maintenance. The fibers contained within the rope react to H2O, and when combined with soft exterior fibers, the netting result is both soft and strong. Consider its features:

  • Shrinks approximately 20{1db8b7cfecd0366ba15015604523dd2c31f1d2cb10fb026ecdd803e219e8667c}
  • Remains tensioned when dry
  • If it stretches simply add water to return to full tension
  • Average openings are approximately 3 1/2″ but can be made larger or smaller upon request
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Sizes are completely custom per project
  • Meets ASTM requirements for safety

Pucuda-Leading Edge is a leading specialist in netting design, manufacturing, and solutions. Proprietary netting products such as our Shrink Netting Systems are designed for specific environments, such as construction, industrial, amusement park, and sports sites.

For further information about Shrink Netting, click to our video showing it in use. You can also find out more by clicking to our Shrinking Nets page and our Netted Structures Brochure. As always, our netting specialists are ready to answer questions about your next netting application at 1-800-241-7330.

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