Sesame Place, Where it’s Okay to Be a Kid Again

July 27, 2018
A rope net bridge that is part of the monsters club house.

This past year Pucuda-Leading Edge revisited Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. A number of years ago, Pucuda had manufactured and installed all the original climbing nets for the Monster Clubhouse. The clubhouse is a netted playscape featuring a climbing tower and a netted bridge.

At this location, the netting product which was previously installed was our patented 5/8th Shrinking Climb Netting and some barrier netting. This past spring, we were asked to make some design modifications to the climb netting which serves as the walkway of the netted bridge. After many years of use, the owners of the park were concerned that the public was jumping on the highly resilient net like a trampoline, rather than enjoying it as a flexible bridge. The challenge was how to keep the net taught, while also controlling the amount of tension which was allowing people to use the net bridge inappropriately.

The solution which our design engineers arrived at was a net with a gentle scalloped shape, which arched away from extended contact points along the length of the bridge. A cable system connected to the bridge’s structure to the net, diminished tension just enough to control people from jumping as high as they had previously been able to do.

If you have a netted structure which needs a rope bridge, or barrier netting, Pucuda-Leading Edge has the experience and expertise to guide you to the right products for your project.

Pucuda Leading Edge provides climb netting, barrier netting and safety netting for amusement parks and waterparks all over the world.

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