Pucuda Climb Netting Goes to China

May 15, 2018

NB-200 Climbing Structure, Fushin, China

This past year has been a momentous time for our amusement netting business overseas. We had memorable installations of our patented Shrinking Climb Netting at two amusement parks located in the Chinese cities of Fushin and Gui An. For these two important projects, Pucuda-Leading Edge was responsible for the design and manufacturing of our custom shrinking climb nets and barrier netting. In these situations, we were also required to send over a supervisor who would oversee the installation of our nets into both of these impressive climbing structures.

Large overseas projects like these two in China, take many months of planning in advance of the actual manufacturing of the climb netting. Our Design Engineers at Pucuda, work closely with the project’s engineers to make sure the project is smoothly carried out. In the case of these structures, special netting attachments and hardware mounting locations had to be designed for the structures during the engineering phase, which was over 1 a year in advance of the netting being installed




There are also logistical considerations which can impact a successful installation. Shipping large amounts of material and hardware to a foreign country can sometimes become quite complicated. Timing and communication is imperative, so that our products arrive on location when the site is ready for their installation. The structures have to be erected and in their final position, painted and ready for our net installation — which is nearly always the last thing installed in any structure.

Our patented Shrinking Net is one of our most popular products. It’s usually used as an inclined climbing net because it is highly resilient and provides a sturdy no-sagging climbing experience. Due to its’ patented design and materials, the net tightens when water is applied: this results in a tight installation of the net with no sags. We produce our climbing net in 19 brilliant colors. Check out the brochures on our website for more information. Or better yet, call us up for a sample!­


Pucuda Leading Edge provides climbing netting, barrier netting and safety netting for amusement parks and waterparks all over the world.

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