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Construction Site Safety: Then and Now

Work site safety has dramatically changed and been improved in the last 100 years. But only because workers fought for the institution of safety requirements in industries such as mining, steel production, construction and general manufacturing. There were no generalized requirements for construction safety, or fall protection netting on construction projects. Children routinely worked in… Read More »

OSHA Expands Fall Protection Options for Walking-Working Surfaces

There is now more flexibility in safety rules for industrial walking-working surfaces thanks to OSHA’s recently released standards for General Industry Personal Fall Protection and Walking-Working Surfaces. The term “general industry” applies to just about everything outside of construction, agriculture and maritime industries. Warehousing & distribution, manufacturing, service centers and many other commercial enterprises fall… Read More »

Ferrari World Is Coming To The US

North America is about to build its very first Ferrari World theme park, which could be potentially built in Orlando. The Ferrari World theme park will feature a variety of vehicle-themed rides, all devoted to the brand’s speed and style. Ferrari World has been exploring theme parks since 2010 when the first park was developed… Read More »

The Future Of The Wooden Skyscraper

Could wood be used to develop skyscrapers? Though the idea may seem dramatic, there are some genuine advantages to developing skyscrapers with wood rather than traditional concrete and steel. Architects are beginning to explore the potential for the wooden skyscraper as they look towards eco-friendly, sustainable, and green designs.

Cedar Point Is Betting On Youth Sports

The industry youth sports continues to grow… and the brand new Cedar Point Sports Center is banking on it. Cedar Point, known for being the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, will be developing its new sports center at the location of a former airport. Once completed, the youth sports center will include baseball, softball, soccer,… Read More »

Seattle Completes The World’s Longest Floating Bridge

Seattle has celebrated the completion of its new Lake Washington bridge, a five year project that currently holds the title of the world’s longest floating bridge. At 7,710 feet long and twice as wide as the prior bridge, the Lake Washington bridge was kicked off with a marathon of over 13,000 runners. The new bridge… Read More »

Happy April Fools From Pucuda!

This may be an April Fools joke but work safety absolutely isn’t. Remember to always use caution when handling power tools, working from heights or using other dangerous equipment. JR and the rest of the Pucuda family want you to stay safe as construction season approaches!

"SuperTall" Skyscrapers Are Taking Over

It isn’t just that skyscrapers in general are getting taller; a new trend of “supertall” skyscrapers has also taken hold in cities throughout the globe. Supertall skyscrapers don’t just lend dramatic flash to a city’s skyline, they also serve as boasting rights and attractions for the cities that can afford them. Examples of supertall buildings include:… Read More »

Inside a Great Theme Park Queue

When people think of theme parks they often think about adrenaline-fueled rides, an exciting atmosphere, deep-fried food, and, of course, queueing. Like it or not, queueing is one of the most critical components to a theme park. A good queue will increase both enjoyment and revenue while a bad queue will slowly lead in customer… Read More »

A Look At Uruguay’s Circular Bridge

Uruguay’s new circular bridge may look like something out of science-fiction, but it provides a special purpose for the residents and travelers between Rocha and Maldonado. The Laguna Garzon Bridge was designed by Rafael Vinoly to take advantage of the unique beauty of the surrounding environment. Uruguay is a country of extraordinary sights, and a significant… Read More »