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Perimeter Netting Systems Provide Passive Safety Protection

There is a long history of using safety netting on construction sites, but it hasn’t always been that way. It wasn’t until mid-way through the 20th century that the first instances of fall protection netting were used on construction sites. The first large scale use was during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, where… Read More »

The Epic Construction of One Vanderbilt Ave, New York City

One Vanderbilt Ave, in New York City is nearing its completion. This new Leed Certified tower is rising beside historic Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan. The project started in 2015 with the demolition of a group of older early 20th century era buildings that occupied the block bounded by Madison Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue, and… Read More »

Construction Site Safety: Then and Now

Work site safety has dramatically changed and been improved in the last 100 years. But only because workers fought for the institution of safety requirements in industries such as mining, steel production, construction and general manufacturing. There were no generalized requirements for construction safety, or fall protection netting on construction projects. Children routinely worked in… Read More »

OSHA Is Making Injury Data Public

OSHA will soon be providing the public with big data regarding workplace injuries and illnesses. This data may serve to analyze and reduce risk factors around work sites and offices. In prior years, OSHA has made available information regarding workplace fatalities and their causes, but this will be the first time that widespread and comprehensive injury data… Read More »

The Basics Of OSHA’s New Silica Rule

OSHA has created a new silica rule which may impact any construction sites that commonly deal with the substance. This new rule is specifically designed to limit the exposure that workers have to silica, which is now believed to be more harmful than it was beforehand. Employees that are required to work with silica may… Read More »

Steps To Protest & Reduce An OSHA Fine

OSHA inspections are an important component of workplace safety, but that doesn’t always mean that the fines or penalties that a company faces from an OSHA inspection is accurate or justified. Organizations have certain rights when it comes to OSHA inspections and may be able to either protest or reduce an OSHA fine that they… Read More »

OSHA Is Raising Fines By 82%

Due to a recently signed bill by Congress, OSHA will be empowered to raise fines by approximately 80%. This is the first increase in OSHA fines in nearly 25 years, and may have some significant consequences for business owners. The change to fee structure, if OSHA chooses to enact it, will need to be completed… Read More »

OSHA’s New Rules For Confined Spaces

OSHA has new rules for confined spaces entry that are designed to protect employees. Confined space workers are workers that are in an area that they cannot easily be extracted from. A confined space is considered to be any space that is large enough in which an employee can fit their entire body but may… Read More »