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American Dream: Indoor Adventureland

American Dream is situated in East Rutherford, New Jersey at the Meadowlands sports complex. The location had been proposed for re-development for decades. After several changes of ownership over many years, the Triple Five Group, who own two of North America’s largest malls (West Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America) took control of the project and… Read More »

Perimeter Netting Systems Provide Passive Safety Protection

There is a long history of using safety netting on construction sites, but it hasn’t always been that way. It wasn’t until mid-way through the 20th century that the first instances of fall protection netting were used on construction sites. The first large scale use was during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, where… Read More »

Roller Coaster Protection Netting: The Hulk

Roller coasters and other centrifugal amusement park rides are more popular than ever. Ride designers are continually pushing their concepts and the engineering required to gain attention in a highly competitive market. These inventive new ride designs, which are often incorporated into densely crowded amusement parks, have a safety requirement to protect the public and… Read More »

Santa Cruz Uses Netting To Improve Beach Water Quality

Santa Cruz has been struggling with its beach quality for decades. It’s often known as the beach with the highest number of pollutants in California, which are primarily due to the pigeons which nest under the infrastructure and piers. Pigeons tend to bring a host of bacteria and tend to congregate around areas with high populations, as… Read More »

Construction Spending Reaches An 8 Year High

Highway building, infrastructure development, and residential construction are all steadily rising as the economy rebounds. New reports show that construction spending is up 1.5% as of January to a rate of $1.14 trillion, compared to $1.12 trillion in December. Analysts are optimistic about this growth in the construction industry and expect it to continue.